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Marble City Experience Centre

The Mayapuri Experience Centre deviates from the conventional concept of showrooms or warehouses. Instead of simply creating a retail store that offers a quick solution for marbles and stones, the facility was specifically designed to serve as a collaborative space for designers and architects to meet and engage in thoughtful discussions. The ground floor features social areas that foster creative thinking, while also showcasing various displays of marbles. Each space within the Centre is dedicated to different product segments of the company. Through the use of innovative displays, visitors are provided with a complete and immersive experience of the physical characteristics and aesthetic appeal of the marbles. The Experience Centre goes beyond being a mere showcase for the company’s products; it serves as a source of inspiration for designers.

By combining functionality with inspiration, the Mayapuri Experience Centre creates an environment where designers and architects can not only explore and appreciate the marbles but also generate new ideas and push the boundaries of their creativity. It serves as a vibrant hub that nurtures collaboration, encourages innovation, and ultimately enhances the overall design experience for professionals in the industry.

Project Details
Project: Marble City Experience Centre
Location: New Delhi
Client: Marble City
Status: Proposed