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Apartment 88

The residents of Apartment 88 being art enthusiasts and singers, wanted an interesting and artistic residence that truly reflected their personalities, which we implemented with our design and execution. Forming its basis on elevating the generic ideas of minimalism and modernism, the concept arm goes out from the modern-day minimalistic theme and yet has an original concept. Having an existing structure, working off the original planning and each space was treated such, that the home would serve as an immersive and transitioning experience. The design serves as a journey in which everything has been personally customized right from the lights to the artwork. The subtle grey palette used throughout is calming, with splashes of colors used in accent walks furniture, and artefacts. Natural light illuminates the living room, and the wooden ceiling adds warmth, thereby energizing the space. A rich contrasting blue-colored wall and yellow-grey furniture add a bold and vibrant touch to the sitting area. A poetic taste of artworks adds a picturesque composition to each wall. The design of the corridor wall adds a classy touch to the space. Designed in concrete brick tiles, it creates interesting patterns which bring continuity throughout the passage and is further enhanced by a wall clock, creating a feeling of timelessness. The wall behind the dining table features a black-and-white sketch depicting urban life which stands out as a striking feature in the living room. Decorative hanging lights add a designer decor touch Not only are the walls, but the ceiling designs are also fresh and pleasing to the eye. The artwork in the circular back ceiling is one of the most unusual designs in sync with the interiors of the house. The ceiling in every bedroom is uniquely detailed. A passionate red back wall in the bedroom reflects a playful and quirky design. The overall theme reflects harmony and tranquillity with a vision of the clients.

Project Details
Project: Apartment 88
Location: New Delhi
Client: Mr. Ajay Wadhwa
Status: Completed