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Legend Veneer Exhibition Stall

Designing the stall for legend veneers three important criteria were addressed. Firstly understanding which involved knowing the veneer , a research involving understanding types , size, finishes and visiting there production unit and warehouse to understand in depth about company ideology and product. Secondly usage which involved the application of veneer in different forms for example use of paper veneer of 1mm has been displayed not only as product but its uses as applied on fluid shape reception table. Thirdly is the experience, the experience of exploring the space design and journey of understanding product , the stall has been design as 2 zones , zone one is as narrow entry though 3 abstract panels of veneer journey highlighted by multiple wooden panels hanged from ceiling in form of inverted iceberg.The central area has multiple continuous veneer panel originating from floor, to vertical surface to the ceiling forms a sculpture. The area has been conceptualized in a way that user gains a new perspective with each step . At one corner a veneer man has been conceptualized as a mascot and a way of displaying veneer in a different way.Zone 2 is the discussion table where all large size veneer were placed along with the flush boards , doors and samples. The space is used as a section area.

• Project: Legend Veneer Exhibition Stall
• Location: ID
• Client: Legend Veneer
• Status: Completed


Olivia Anderson