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Alaya Residence

Alaya, the green adobe, located in the urban and busy atmosphere of Gurugram, is a remarkable demonstration of how residents can live in harmony with nature amidst a concrete jungle. The house seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a perfect example of architectural synergy.
The design incorporates a series of cut-outs at various levels and a central courtyard, facilitating visual connections between each level. This arrangement allows residents to maintain a strong bond with the surrounding environment. The house adopts a minimalistic approach, predominantly using white and grey tones in its color palette.
Indoor greens play a vital role in the design, bringing a touch of nature into the living space. The intricate furniture pieces, art installations, use of local materials, and unique flooring patterns all contribute to highlighting the space while maintaining its simplicity.

Project Details
Location: Nirvana Country, Gurgaon
Client: Maneesh Madan
Status: In progress