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An office is a medium that reflects and reinforces a business core values through functions and design elements that reflects culture, brand and values. The Client who owns a denim business, had a similar thought that came along their passion to create an office that could define themselves and their business venture. The brief was to set up a theme-based office with factory and showroom under a single roof where they could manufacture and showcase.The concept was visualized with denim and things which are used or related to produce a finished denim product from a raw material. So, the objective rather became to use elements like threads, scissors, denim cloth and other elements which are used in abstract way to create a journey.Since it was a theme-based concept, every detail is customized just to add a connection between elements.Also, the goal was to create an experience center for the people coming in to feel the essence of their work and creative side of their venture. The idea was to create a setting where people working there also could connect to the ideology of the space. The design process revolved around making the project a treat for the design seekers.

Location: New Delhi
Client: Mr. Priyank & Mr. Piyush
Status: Completed