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Architect’s Office

The whole idea behind the studio was to create a culture, an environment, where people can work and play, where they can interact. A space that encourages happiness in working. We think the environment is very important for a person to feel oneness to his surroundings and feel motivated. It holds true for any creative being for example a writer, painter, or dancer, he needs an environment that may be natural or a manmade setting for his creative process. The project is the journey and retrospect of Mr. Kapil Aggarwal’s thought process over the years. As Mr. Kapil quotes“The whole thought process of designing this studio was based on 3 major criteria. The first was personal. When I talk of personal, the process of creating the office space has been my journey through different experiences and practices over the years. The second was intended for the people who visit the office without any predefined notion, to feel the space and to experience the firm’s ideology. The third and most important factor was the people working in the space. A lot of emphasis was given to what they required. A place where they can feel good and comfortable to work in. “So, engulfed in grey textured walls, yellow tag boards, white oak wood finishes, changing ceiling forms, and fluid furniture, the young architects are discovering that they can have “fun” while they are pursuing their passion to reinvent architecture.

Project Details
Project: Architect’s Office
Location: New Delhi
Client: Spaces Architects@ka
Status: Completed
World Inside Festival 2014 – Shortlisted in Office Category
World Interior News Awards 2014 – Shortlisted
IIA Awards 2015 – Shortlisted in Interior projects category
World Architecture Community Awards 2020 35th cycle – Winner for Spaces Architects@KA Studio Publications
Custom Made Office –II