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Architect’s Residence

This house dates back 45 years and is for one big family. We had limited time to redesign the apartment; right from dismantling to designing and execution on site, it took only 35 days to complete the interiors. The design showcases a perfect balance of two worlds: the one of the old and the one of the new, and of light and shadow blending in their ambiguity and plurality, without sacrificing the reasons of one at the expense of the other.  Color became an integral element of this world. The concept behind this artistic residence was to smartly use the colors. The impression of a color and the message it conveys is of utmost importance in creating the psychological mood and ambiance that supports the functions of this house in a positive manner.

The complete journey of the interiors is like a story and with each step you gain a new perspective. Following the same perspective, two walls of the family lounge have been painted with two very contrasting colors. It becomes an intriguing site to see things integrating with each other in a harmonic way. The green area is an essential part of the family lounge which brings filtered air and light into the space. This home is a treasure trove of paintings and canvases from translucent blues and greens to deep shades of pink and others. So, it comes as a surprise to discover so many paintings. Each painting is handpicked and has been conceptualized with the aura of the space.

Project Details
Project: Architect’s Residence
Location: New Delhi
Status: Completed