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Heritage Park

Here we present our attempt to bless the public with a space that allows them to feel closer to their cultural heritage, a space they truly call their own. It is a humble way to provide to the urban landscape of Chandni Chowk, riddled with buildings, all around. Open land for its children to play, family picnics, to escape its alluring but crowded vista. Presenting the Mughal Garden of Chandni Chowk, The Heritage Park. The heritage park is a redevelopment landscape project, envisioned in the heart of Old Delhi, opposite to the Red Fort. The site is blessed with panoramic views of The Red Fort with Jama Masjid right behind it. Envisioned as a heritage escape, bringing a harmonious unison between the Mughal and Hindu architecture, the selfless aim of this space is to give to you, and to the architectural community Keeping its historic integrity and pure intent in mind, the design flourished almost naturally. The park has been divided into 2 major zones, the hardscape entry zone, and the landscape area. The design for the park aims to reflect the historical importance and retain the cultural impact of the location, with its elements and materials. Despite this, the design presents a modern influence in its detailing and technique, in the traditional materials itself. The journey starts right from the boundary wall, designed with red sandstone arches and Delhi stone which reflects the architecture of Old Delhi. A person enters the hardscape area first which allows views of the red fort wall and has a shaded sitting area, traditional shops, and eateries. The landscape zone is designed with a central walkway connecting 3 areas: the Baradari, the sunken sitting, and the open-air amphitheater. The park has been perceived and developed with intricate detailing and coordination between various services; to bring justice to its location. Indulging in the elements of Mughal Gardens like the Baradari, sunken seating, and so on, the primary focus is to relive the experience of the Mughal Garden. It is perfectly ornamented using the elements of Baradari, made in complete white stone. Furthermore, a stage is placed at one end of the park, which creates a visual connection with the whole arena. Preserving the beauty of lush greens, the site planning is done in a way to make you reminisce about the long picnics you had in your childhood and the happiness you felt amidst greens. A lot of new vegetation is added, to maximize the green-covered area, in the form of trees, shrubs, and climbers. The landscaping is specially designed to provide a heartful experience with vibrant colors and hearty fragrances. The material palette has been kept completely vernacular to especially emphasis the materials used in the Red Fort and the major buildings of Chandni Chowk such as Delhi stone, Red sandstone, and the Baradari in White Statuario. The design for the park had to completely reflect the historical importance and retain the cultural impact of the location with its elements and materials.

Project Details
Heritage Park
Location: New Delhi
Client: MCD
Status: Completed