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Haveli Dharampura

The project in Dharampura is the first of its kind in the walled city of Delhi which aims in the restoration & rehabilitation of a 135 year old Haveli (built in 1880) into a hospitality project with 14 rooms, a spa, a museum, 2 shops & a restaurant.We started this project looking at a broken structure which was declared as an inhabitable space for living by the government of Delhi. Without any plans or drawings, we had to develop a program even before starting the design which involved the building survey, to prepare measured drawings & structural repairing & strengthening of the building.The designing process involved a very elaborate 2 years research of the whole urban fabric of Chandni Chowk. The resulting space had elements from Hindu, Mughal, Jain & Rajasthan’s Architecture. We were bound to amalgamate traditional architecture with contemporary modern architecture to create an inviting space for both Indians & Foreigners.We had visited almost all the old cities of India to understand the relevance of such a project & to collect a large number skilled labor who have an understanding of traditional architecture elements. We replicated almost all the elements which were used earlier, some of them in a modern way.Every room or space has its own theme which reflects various flavors of architecture & livelihood in Chandni Chowk. All furniture, lights & artifacts were designed especially for each and every space according to its use & the theme taken.

Project Details
Project: Haveli Dharampura
Location: Old Delhi
Client: Mr. Vijay Goel
Status: Completed

NDTV-Grohe Design & Architecture Awards 2015 – Heritage Architecture ( Jury Commendation)
IIID Anchor Awards 2015 – Hospitality (North & East Region) – Jury Commendation
IIID Anchor Awards 2015 – Hospitality (National Level) – Jury Commendation
IIA Awards 2015 -,/strong> Shortlisted in Conservation projects category
The Merit List 2015-16 – Shortlisted for Cubix office, Haveli Dharampura & Sachdeva Farmhouse among 100 notable projects.


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