The Urban Nest

Project Details

  • Project: The Urban Nest
  • Location: Delhi
  • Client: Express
  • Status: Select One

The Urban Nest

The site is elongated and narrow. The concept started by creating an axis along this narrow site with the meticulous placement of each unit while following the stringent bye-law like 35% permissible ground coverage. It also opens up to various cutouts/courtyards on all sides. The plans are formed in such a way that no two plans are the same. The plans mold themselves on the site creating voids on all the levels in different places. These voids become the space that harvests greens and trees. Each unit or dwelling is always in the vicinity of a garden or a tree, no matter what floor you are on. These voids also allow cross ventilation as the wind moves through the structure.

The trees also help in cooling these winds and hence the whole building. This lowers the temperature in the hot climate of NOIDA. These voids also become spaces for informal meetings. These voids allow cross-communication between various floors and create interactive spaces. These interactive spaces are then connected through staircases, steps, and platforms. As the sectional perspective shows, every space opens up to another space, overlooking another open space. This also ends up in creating rooms, where each room gives out a different view. Exemplifying this further, the balconies of rooms are of different sizes, extending in and out creating a play of platforms and views. This also organically generates a facade where each space feels as if it is jutting out of the structure.