1. Stonex Facade

Project Details

  • Project: 1. Stonex Facade
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Client: Stonex
  • Status: Select One

1. Stonex Facade

Stonex India building is situated on the busy road of the stone market. The initial concept was to create a brand through the façade which did not require any hoarding but the building itself becomes an iconic structure among the stone building around. The idea was to stand out from the crowd.

The design involved creating a landmark façade that did not showcase the product but a creative impression of it in the façade is perceived as an artwork by using it as a canvas.

Patterns were created using three tiles in an abstract fashion creating multiple levels. An old Ferrari car which was their brand icon was incorporated into the façade. The client dealing in stone and slim tile is an amalgamation of using both the products in harmony with each other.   

The façade behaves differently throughout the day, Early morning and noon sun create shadows on the façade giving it the character of a blank canvas, and strokes were painted on it through tiles. As the day passes during late evening sun graces it with natural light giving it a different character. During dawn light lits up the façade with a special floating effect created with the help of a lighting consultant. Multiple levels were created in the façade which is visible only during the night when lights come into the picture.