East County ID Stall

Project Details

  • Project: East County ID Stall
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Client: Mr. Umesh Bajaj
  • Status: Completed

East County ID Stall

East County is a new premium leather furniture brand, which comes up with their first exhibition setup with area of around 60 sq.m. The space is corner space with 3 open sides, so we designed a perforated jaali continuing on 2 sides with leather finishes the brand deals into, created a sense of curiosity among the visitors. The spaces were conceptualized in 3 different mock ups- 2-bedroom spaces and 1 lounge space. Entrance lounge host with cherry red leather furniture with a backdrop a soothing wallpaper creating a welcoming space for visitors. The other 2 sections are bedroom mock ups showcased with 2 different styled leather beds and ambiance.  

The idea was to keep the interiors minimal which could compliment the bespoke furniture adding a luxury experience.