K-17 Sales Office

Project Details

  • Project: K-17 Sales Office
  • Location: Noida
  • Client: K-17 Group
  • Status: Ongoing

K-17 Sales Office

The sales office is designed as a space which becomes self-explanatory on the profile and projects of K-17. It is an attempt to connect the interiors with the lush green exteriors of the building, which is also the main focus in the housing project which has to be promoted. Various view points and axes have been specifically focused on, to drive and create an experience to the visitor.

The building form and design has been derived directly from the functions inside, allowing maximum light inflow from the north side and visual connectivity with the landscape. The primary building materials used is MS, glass and stone. The rear end of the building has been treated with large insulated glass panels to open the view facing the Golf course.