2. Intersekt - Tiles Showroom

Project Details

  • Project: 2. Intersekt - Tiles Showroom
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Client: Mr. Raman Arora
  • Status: Select One


  • The Merit List 2016-17 - Shortlisted for Haveli Dharampura, Punjabi Bagh Residence, Lakhori Restaurant and Intersekt Tiles Showroom among the top 100 projects for the year.


  • Architectural Digest

  • Better Interiors - Apr 2017

  • Society Interiors - May 2017

  • Architecture + Design - Jul 2017

  • Surfaces - Jul 2017

  • Surfaces - Jan 2018

  • CW Interiors - Feb 2018

  • Architecture Live

  • E-Architect

2. Intersekt - Tiles Showroom

The brief was to design a tiles showroom and office. Of the two existing identical buildings at the site that had been used as warehouses for the past 15 years, one had to be converted to a showroom cum office. The scope was identified as facade design, landscape and interiors.

With the requirements of the client, came along the passion for their work over three generations in the tile industry. They wanted the showroom to be a museum in which they would showcase the tiles as their beloved possessions. So the objective became rather to create a museum cum experience centre where people would spend hours to look, select and know about the kinds of tiles available in today’s market.

Also the goal was to showcase the application of tiles to its extent. The tiles were tested to its limits by using it for every possible application, in the floor, walls, ceiling, hanging elements, artefacts, sculptures, furniture and even lighting. This would educate the visitors about the much greener and less expensive and easily maintainable product than stones.