Aravali Farmhouse

Project Details

  • Project: Aravali Farmhouse
  • Location: Gurgaon
  • Client: Mr. Brussalaer
  • Status: Completed


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Aravali Farmhouse

The corner site is located on Aravali Hills in Gurgaon and the area is 2.1 acres. The owner, a Belgium diplomat, wanted a four bedroom house where one being the master bedroom and the other three were meant for guests. As they were only a couple staying in the house the requirement was to have two separate units, one for the client and other for their guests.

The building form & shapes are correlated with contours of the site which derives a functional space. An outward looking building, one derives pleasure on viewing different spaces from inside. On arriving at site the contours of site & approach to the building has been worked out as one views of building gradually and not at glance with building giving a look of single storey till one reaches the entrance of the building.

Further the swimming pool had to be located, primarily which could be approached from master-bedroom, living / dining and kitchen.