World Architecture Festival 2016

“Haveli Dharampura”-standing through the course of time has already adapted to modern India becoming a landmark amidst crowd and now it is slowly making its place in the hearts of millions who have had just till date read and heard about the royalty of Indian History.The project through its vibrant past showcases the forgotten life and lost pride of Shahjanabad

There are more than a 1000 Havelis lost in time in Chandni Chowk and this project is the first adaptive reuse model in the walled city of Delhi.The Haveli is converted into a hospitality project and the process took 6 years of very elaborate designing and execution .The resulting space emerged out to be magnificent amalgamation of elements from Hindu, Mughal, Jain and Rajasthan's architecture. The project is now the finest living example of rich lifestyle and diverse culture of Heritage India.