Memorial at Badli

Project Details

  • Project: Memorial at Badli
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Client: Mr. Gajender Yadav
  • Status: Completed

Memorial at Badli

The client came up with a brief to create a memorial with a distinct structure which would symbolizes their gratitude towards their forefathers. So, we idealized it with a form which would be similar to a temple in order to connect it with a holy place where people can acknowledge.
The memorial is approached by a paved area creating an axis from entrance to the deities.
Supported on 4 pillars cladded with Gwalior store and copper plate on top, scales up to an interesting roof form in staggered form with spaces in-between which allows penetration of natural light into the space. This roof is cladded with copper in interior giving an earthy feel to the space.
Jaalis made up of copper with Sanskrit phrases is placed   at the backdrop giving a symbolic value to the space and adding a holy character.

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