Safdurjang Office

Project Details

  • Project: Safdurjang Office
  • Location: New Delhi
  • Client: Spaces Architects
  • Status: Completed


  • IDI - Aug 2006

  • Inside Outside - Sep 2006

  • Architecture + Design - Aug 2007

Safdurjang Office

Every element, every space, every colour has a meaning, they are different characters coming together as a unit to each other sharing relationship communicating at the same time interacting with human stimulating their thoughts to create an interactive environment.

The concept was to define spaces where in every space has its identity. An open office where in floor, walls & ceiling are part of composition, where in all of them play an important role in the designing. Transition of spaces has been achieved by change of form & materials. The colours & forms viewed from every space gives a different perspective of the office and designing has been worked out keeping the eye contacts while seating & standing in to consideration.

The forms whether use of circular conference or curved cabin partition each has functional and then aesthetic interpretation. The office show case architects work in different format by painting a huge partition in black white or a simple white sketch on a blue paper.