Express Builder’s site office

Project Details

  • Project: Express Builder’s site office
  • Location: Noida
  • Client: Express Builders
  • Status: Completed


  • CW Interiors - May 2013

Express Builder’s site office

Express Builder’s office in Noida portrays a ‘neat, plain, simple’ look. The design’s center of attention was a model of the 16-floor residential building, safe and smug in a glass box. The architect started this project by placing the model at the heart of the reception. As one walks through the toughened frameless glass door, the office seems luminously divided into a reception, four cabins, a conference room, managing director’s cabin and the hidden pantry and toilets.

For this particular design, the floors were not the architect’s top priority. The focus lies at the eye level and up. The basic vitrified 2ft X 2ft tiles used throughout are sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear. The walls are a continuum of the white and off-white palette, with minimal exceptions, like the walls behind the reception and the wallpaper in the conference room.