M 1/43 Residence

Project Details

  • Project: M 1/43 Residence
  • Location: Gurgaon
  • Client: Mr. Ankur Jain
  • Status: Completed


  • Archidesign Awards 2009 - Best Residential Interior (North & East Region)


  • Archi Design - Apr 2011

M 1/43 Residence

The house is an exploration of modesty and purity achieved by its simple but detailed execution. Huge windows with horizontal louvers on façade gives a very modern look to the house. The side entrance to the house is through glass steps dramatized by the use of water drain on both sides and forming a small pool underneath.

The drawing room designed in L-shape overlooks the front garden through huge glass windows. The central axis connects to family lounge at the rear to the drawing room at front. The whole house is very well lit up with huge windows. The elevations of the house has been kept very modern and in straight line. The use of red sand stone finish with louvers over glass windows gives a character to the building of neat and elegant outlook.