Aralias Apartment

Project Details

  • Project: Aralias Apartment
  • Location: Gurgaon
  • Client: Mr. Virendra Khanna
  • Status: Completed


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  • Better Interiors - Jan 2011

  • Living etc. - Apr 2011

  • The Design Source - May 2011

Aralias Apartment

A 5500 square feet 4 bedroom apartment situated on the 15th floor of Aralias apartment, one of most luxurious apartments  in Gurgaon.

The client requirement was to have clean and simple tine design avoiding ornamental design. The interiors of the rooms were to be in taste of the occupant and give it a distinct personality. With brief emphasis on the design, the idea was not to use much colors instead textures were used through wallpapers, artifacts and abstract paintings.